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Welcome to North Idaho Bikeways, Inc

North Idaho Bikeways Inc is a non-profit corporation founded in 1995 to establish a network of bike and pedestrian trails connecting Sandpoint, Idaho with its neighboring communities. Prior to this, less than 1 mile of bike path existed in Bonner County.

Sandpoint had expanded over the last 50 years in a way which typically met the demands of car traffic with little accommodations for bikes and pedestrians. As automobile congestion grew, bike and pedestrian travel became more dangerous and limited. The planned network of bike/pedestrian trails was created to reverse this situation.

In the 10 years since its founding North Idaho Bikeways has helped to create 9.5 miles of separated bike trails with another 3.5 miles of trail funded for construction in the next 3 years. Numerous other projects are in different stages of development.

We see our system of interconnecting pathways as linear parks, open to the public. Once in place, such pathways tend to redefine access and travel inside and between communities for pedestrians and bikers, and as such, change these communities for the long term. Increased safety for community school children, decreased automobile congestion, a significant tourist attraction, increased access to aerobic exercise are all important aspects of a bikeway system.

This web site was created to give you information about North Idaho Bikeways, Inc., our mission and goals, and specific details and photographs of completed and planned projects. You will also find a map of trail locations as well as some background information on trail building and ways to donate toward trails and to contact us.


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